Trap Door Subscriber Packages

By Trap Door Theatre (other events)

Mon, Aug 14 2023 8:00 AM CST Thu, Aug 15 2024 5:00 PM CST

Don’t miss a moment of another incredible year with Trap Door Theatre...

Become a Season Subscriber Today!

Trap Door Theatre is once again offering our popular discounted multi-show pass! Use these passes in any combination for any Trap Door Theatre production with advance reservation.

Our Subscription packages are as follows:

4 Show Subscription Pass
See 4 shows for just $90 (Save $30!)

8 Show Subscription Pass
See 8 shows for just $160 (Save $80!)

Super Subscriber Package
Super Subscriber Package $150 (save up to $80!) 
The Super Subscriber Package includes: An 8 Show Subscription Pass, a complimentary concession at each show, and reserved seating for each show.

Subscription passes never expire! They can be used in any combination anytime for any Trap Door Theatre production (rentals, tours, or touring companies excluded).

Seating is limited! Please email the box office or call ahead to make advance reservations when using your pass.

For any questions about subscriptions, email: [email protected]