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Trap Door Theatre's subscription packages are similar to a multi-show pass. Our subscribers can use these passes in any combination for any Trap Door Theatre production with advance reservation.

Our Subscription packages are as follows:

Four Show Subscription Pass
See 4 shows for just $75 (save up to $25!)

Eight Show Subscription Pass
See 8 shows for just $120 (save up to $80!)

Super Subscriber Package
Super Subscriber Package $150 (save up to $80!) 
The Super Subscriber Package includes… *An 8 Show Pass that never expires*, *A complimentary drink or concession when you attend each show*, and *Priority seating when you attend each show*.

Subscription Passes never expire, and can be used in any combination for any Trap Door Theatre production. (Rentals, tours, or touring companies excluded.)

Seating at Trap Door Theatre is limited — please reserve tickets online, email the box office, or call ahead to the box office to make advance reservations when using your pass.